Beta Together

I do not know what makes a game good, but what I do know is what makes good marketing. To continue on from my pitch, I am still utilising a marketing based analytical framework when looking at Angry Birds as it is something I feel most comfortable doing.

Canva// analytical framework

Creating blog posts is something I really enjoy doing, but it is hard getting sufficient feedback that will help my research progress. Also the marketing aspect is relatively boring in comparison to what others may be doing, so it is less likely people are willing to engage with the content because it is so monotonous and gives off academic vibes. In response to this issue, I have found people within the BCM cohort that are also doing marketing subjects, and asked them for feedback because they are obviously interested in marketing and would have relevant ideas and recommendations. This has proved very helpful as it provided some direction and guidance on what steps to take next and contributed really strong ideas that I will be implementing into my blog posts that are set to be published next week.

My analytical framework has been a really useful tool in determining what needs to be discussed and acted as a stepping stone for further secondary research. I have found in doing my secondary research that all three components are linked and enhance one another in the marketing efforts made by Rovio Entertainment. As discussed in my previous blog post, I have found relevant secondary sources that provides an alternate perspective to my original plans that can be discussed in my blog posts. Academic journals have provided key insights into the issues faced by the gaming industry when it comes to marketing efforts, this has helped me look at how Rovio overcame these common issues to create such as recognisable app.


My dates have changed since the pitch due to that sudden lack of motivation. So instead the following dates have been implemented to ensure my work is completed to my highest standard and also on time. I am still enjoying the process, but I am looking forward to completing this research task in the upcoming weeks.


App Samurai | Mobile Advertising Platform. (2017). Mobile App Success Story: How Angry Birds Did It. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Oct. 2021].

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2 thoughts on “Beta Together

  1. Hey Rebecca, I am very interested with your DA and love how you are looking into the game angry birds but in the marketing based analytical framework side of it as that’s something you already have knowledge about, it is also good to see that you are doing a lot of research and taking notes on what your gonna write about for each blog post as this will make it easier for you when it comes to writing up the blog. I wish you have posted a few blogs by now but understand why you haven’t, but hopefully soon or before your final digital artefact you would of had some posted already, I like the idea that you have a schedule created as this will help you in the upcoming weeks prior to the final digital artefact to get everything done.

    but overall I love the idea and cant wait to see how you go at the end.


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