Timescape: A game about time

Do you like time travel? What about mammoths, knights, flying cars and dinosaurs? If you answered yes to either of those questions, strap yourself in because I have the perfect game for you.

TimeScape is the ultimate time travel Ameritrash board game. Players find themselves situated within four specific time eras, (Ice Age, the future, Medieval Times, and the Jurassic era) and must work to escape before the time rift before the 24 hour clock strikes 12, or reaches the 24th hour.

It is quite a simple game that players can enjoy with the whole family. To begin gameplay, each player chooses one of the four time periods, then uses the spinner that is located in the middle of the board to (designed by Kat and yours truly). Now this spinner is not only intended to be used as a method of recording points but it is also used as a tool players can use to jump between the different time eras.

After spinning, players are then required to roll four dice (representing the four TimeScape periods). These die can do many things for a player, for example you may gain or have points deducted from a players total, boost yourself forward in time gaining that competitive advantage, or have your opponents points deducted. Each player takes turns, and the first player to reach a total of twenty four points first wins!

This game was created by myself, Kathryn, Lauren, Emma, James, Adrian and Josh (Mega Gamer Guy).

The group//2022

Having a group with so many people required a constant flow of communication to ensure everyone was on the same page and completed on time. Although it was hard sometimes, I do believe this was one of the best experiences in a group project I have had to date. There was no judgement, and if we did not like or agree on something it was easy to verbalise our opinions and change as needed.

As we progressed in the project, we were each allocated a section that aligned with our strengths and what we enjoyed doing the most. For Kat and I it was creating a prototype of our game TimeScape.

Kat (L) and I (R) with our prototype// 2022

Prototyping includes the physical creation of the game board, depicting each individual TimeScape era, key characters and other physical components such as the spinner located in the centre of the board as well as the dice and meeple. Kat and I designed the prototype with a range of pop culture and media in mind, such as Ice Age, Shrek, Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. We also took key components from Emma and Lauren’s design ideas to create a board that accurately reflects the relevant time eras, which was created using AI art generators such as Wombo.

We were constantly referring back to the rest of the group to update the prototype to reflect the theme and setting accurately, and ensure the design was relevant to the mechanics of the game. Finally, Kat and I also contributed to the mechanics of the game, providing feedback when necessary on the rules, physical components and the actions players make in order to progress within the TimeScape.

Kat and I hard at work making a prototype// 2022
Soundcloud// Audio recording of blog post// 2022

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